Fast, thrilling fun.

Find as many pairs of similar tiles as you can in 60 heart-pounding seconds. Some matches are easier and some require deep thinking. Beat some or all of the other 3 players and win money!

It's fast enough to play in line at the grocery store, and addictive enough to play all night.

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Make up to $300 a game. Entry fees from 9¢.

You choose the prize payouts for your games, based on your choice of entry fee and level. Lower entry fees have lower prizes. Higher entry fees have higher prizes. Casual games have smaller prizes, spread among many winners. Intense games have larger prizes, spread among fewer winners.

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Great odds in tiny, 4 person tournaments. The better you get the more you make.

Forget massive competitions against hundreds or thousands of players with ridiculous odds.

Just beat three players and win money on the most competitive level. And on easier levels you only need to beat two, and sometimes just one!

And at every level, the better you get the more you make. So you're in control!

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Play recreationally or competitively.

Choose your competition level based on your mood: casual, medium or intense.

  1. Casual games: Relaxed, casual fun. 3 out of 4 players win money.
  2. Medium games: Larger prizes and more competitive than a casual game, but not quite as much as an intense game.
  3. Intense games: Intense competition. Fewer, but larger winners who double or triple their money.

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No robo-cheaters or newbie hustling.

Traditional skill gaming sites are plagued with robo-cheaters (players who cheat using computer programs) and newbie hustlers (experts who pretend to be new players, to fleece them of their money).

We prevent robo-cheaters by:
1) Only offering games that humans play better than computers do.
2) Removing the game engine from your device and moving it to our server.

We prevent newbie hustling by structuring payouts so that newbie levels are unattractive to experts (and only attractive to newbies). Learn

100% legal in most U.S states and overseas.

U.S. law prohibits gambling (playing games of luck for money) in most states. However, we've removed the element of luck from the game, so that skill determines who wins. Playing skill games for money is fully legal and not prohibited by any U.S. law.

However, some states have additional laws (beyond federal law) that regulate or prohibit skill gaming. For this reason, U.S. players must be in one of the green states (left) to play for money. (If you're not, you're still allowed to play the free/practice games. But you cannot play for money.) More

Most overseas users can also play DollarCandy. More

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