Where can I play Dollar Candy?

Dollar Candy is playable on all major mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.), tablets, and computers (PC and Mac). Most people simply visit the game page and it auto-detects your device and sends you to the proper version. But if you'd rather customize your experience, you can manually choose your version below.

Mobiles and tablets:

Apple iPhone /iPod /iPad:
  • Apple AppStore (recommended for players in US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Austria and Germany).
  • HTML5 app version (recommended for players in countries not listed above)
  • Web version (not recommended for iPhone)
  • Google Play (recommended)
  • Web version (Android browser: slow loading, partial sounds and no back button, Chrome browser: no sounds and no back button)
All others (Windows phone, etc.)


Web version (Runs in all major browsers, but fastest in Google Chrome.)
  All others: